Past Pupils

Welcome!Welcome to the St. Laurence College Past-Pupils Association.We believe that there are still ways that we can be of help to you and ways in which you can be of help to us. Oh? Who is “we”?Two logos are on this page. The first, on the top left, is familiar to you as the original art work in the College lobby with the quote, “Out of Darkness Toward Truth” – a nice summary of what we worked at together during your year(s) in the college.The second logo, on the top right, is that of the Marianists. (Bro. Fred, Bro. Jim, Bro Gerry and Fr. Mike are still very active in the life of the College.)The administration, teachers, parents and pupils, working with the Marianists, strive to achieve five goals:* Educate for formation in faith* Provide an integral, quality education* Educate in family spirit

* Educate for service, justice, and peace

* Educate for adaptation and change.

That should give us enough grist for the mill in helping each other. We look briefly at a few of them.

Family Spirit

We start with an easy one: family spirit – class reunions, just getting people together on a Friday night, or for a coffee morning, or a walk in the Himalayas or a retreat or . . .. With whom are you still in contact? To help you remember, we have listed on this site the names of all those who attended the college. Click here for the lists.

Hopefully, seeing the names of those in your class will jog some good memories and getting in contact once again can be something to look forward to. Contact us, let us know you’re interested and we can plan how to make it happen.

Service, Justice and Peace

Mr. Redmond, principal of the College, is looking towards career nights this year. Would you like to talk about the path you took to wind up where you are today? Can that be helpful to our present students?

Bro. Jim returned in 2005 from visiting Marianist missions in Korea and India. In the former most of the work is in schools, but in India the major work is among the poor, especially street children. All are keen to find people to teach English or just be of help. Did you ever think of doing something like that for a few months?


How is yours? Are you satisfied? Do you have questions? What about prayer? Are you interested? Would you like to learn? There is a wonderful Irish prayer site called Sacred Space. You might find it helpful.

Combining Faith and Service for Justice and Peace, have you given much thought lately to giving some significant time as a lay missionary or even as a Brother or Priest? Want to know about the Marianists? Check out

For now, we stop. This is only the beginning. If you have ideas or just want to let us know that you were here contact us and say “hello.”

Check back soon to catch further developments.

What’s New?

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Current Past-Pupil News

Annual Mass
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in the college
25 Nov. 2018
@ 11 a.m.

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Looking for a Sacred Space. See the link in Faith section below.

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Looking for Mass on a Sunday? See box below.

Sunday Mass?The Marianists welcome you to celebrate with them in the Community Chapel at 10 a.m.

All are welcome.